Rosary Musicals

See the beauty of the Mysteries of the Rosary come alive
with Quiet Water's Rosary Musicals.....

A musical representation of the life of Jesus that we know
through Scripture and Tradition.

A beautiful musical representation of the Mysteries of the Rosary....JOY, LIGHT, SORROW, and GLORY....used as a tool to meditate more profoundly on the powerful prayer of the Rosary.  Your family will enjoy watching the mysteries come alive and the DVDs will make a deeper impression as you pray together.  
Touring all across the Diocese of Buffalo, NY, Quiet Waters performs JOY, LIGHT, SORROW, and GLORY!   A cast of youth and adult alike, Quiet Waters brings the musical Mysteries of Rosary to parishes all over the Diocese.  
If you are interested in coming to pray with us at a parish, visit our calendar here.  There is no charge for our musicals, but a free will donation is always appreciated.
If you are interested in having Quiet Waters come to your parish or school, please visit our online booking inquiry.  Someone will be in contact soon.

Thank you for supporting the Quiet Waters Ministry!

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