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  • Learn Spanish with Grace!
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Text book with 3 CDs (LSWG T 3CD)
      A complete beginner's Spanish course a child will always remember! In this delightfully, unique, full-color textbook with 3 instructional CDs, and 10 cardstock pull out booklets, the student will learn Spanish via the typical daily routine of a child, Grace. This brand new third edition has an expanded Table of Contents and is even more affordable! Now only $40!
      Price: $40
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Workbook
      Finally! A workbook edition of the very popular LSWG! text book! This has been the most requested product we have ever printed! This, more affordable workbook edition allows large families, and classrooms that have invested in the Text book with 3 CDs an edition for extra students who do not need the CDs or cardstock pages that come in the Text book edition. All pages correspond exactly to the original LSWG Textbook with 3CDs. Third edition, 192 pages, full color
      Price: $25.00
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Flash Card Series (LSWG FC)
      160 Full Color Flash Cards These Flash cards reinforce the vocabulary and grammar from the text. Play 16 games the author has developed using the 8 poster/game boards included. These activities will keep all young Spanish students learning, and growing in use of their new language!
      Price: $30.00
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Music Book (LSWG MB )
      Full color, spiral bound for use on music stands, and simple notation with chords of all the LSWG songs. Contains all the songs from the textbook on CD! This is a great supplement for music students, traveling in the car, and for younger aged children to handle while learning the music.
      Price: $15.00
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Tote Bag (LSWG tote)
      Sturdy canvas bag holds your LSWG text and all the supplements.
      Price: $6
    • Learn Spanish with Grace! Complete Package Deal (LSWG deal)
      Now get the Learn Spanish with Grace text, plus all three supplements at a savings
      Package Includes: ~ Text book with 3 CDs and cardstock pages, Third edition  ~ Music Book with Music CD ~ Flash Card Series with posters ~ Tote Bag Entire Package just $60!
      Price: $60.00
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