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Learn Spanish with Grace!

Full color textbook

A complete beginner's Spanish course a child will always remember! In this delightfully unique, full-color textbook with 3 instructional CDs, the student will learn Spanish via the typical daily routine of a child, Grace. From rising in the morning to bedtime prayers, daily activities are described in Spanish and reinforced with songs. 'Grace' is the name of the girl in the book, as well as the name for the supernatural gift of God, which is reinforced through the prayers and moral content of the book. That is the Catholic Approach to Learn Spanish with Grace!

Eleven chapters are filled with 24 entertaining, instructive songs and a wide variety of exercises: matching, cut and paste, crosswords, mini-booklets on sturdy card stock. The 3 CDs provide the student with instructions for every page of the book. The child will listen to the correct pronunciation of words making it easier to learn Spanish. This course, geared towards children from 2nd-8th grades, will provide a very strong foundation of Spanish grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and prayers. This is learning Spanish for a lifetime!

More products available with the Learn Spanish with Grace! program......

Learn Spanish with Grace! Conversation Booklets                                      
110 ready-to-be-folded booklets with 2 CDs.
Students fold these brightly colored sheets to create conversation booklets and read them in Spanish along with the two included CDs. This supplement to the book greatly enhances the student's ability to hear and speak Spanish.

Learn Spanish with Grace! Flash Card Series                                     
160 Full Color Flash Cards
These Flash cards reinforce the vocabulary and grammar from the text. Play 16 games the author has developed using the 8 poster/game boards included. These activities will keep all young Spanish students learning, and growing in use of their new language!

Learn Spanish with Grace! Music Book                                              
Full color, spiral bound for use on music stands, and simple notation with chords of all the LSWG songs. Contains all the songs from the textbook on CD! This is a great supplement for music students, traveling in the car, and for younger aged children to handle while learning the music.

Learn Spanish with Grace! Tote Bag                                                            
Sturdy canvas bag holds your LSWG text and all the supplements.

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