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Great Catholic Music / Rosary Musicals

On the Road to Emmaus

Recorded Music

Since the Jubilee year of 2000, we at Quiet Waters have had our own recording studio.  At first, many of the projects that rolled out of our barn/indoor arena complex, were work tapes, that would help groups in perform plays, concerts or liturgies. 

Our first, "for sale" album, was our Little Flowers Wreath 1&2 album.  Brandon Lata had just graduated from high school, and spent the summer in the studio with Laura Boronski, and several "Little Flowers". He has since graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville Ohio and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe Arizona.  Most of our offerings in our music store, are original songs that have come from the hearts of our artists, including Bob Fera and Laura Boronski

Brandon, Laura and Bob helped write many of our new Rosary Musical tunes. Brandon put it all together, with new songs, old themes, new music.  We now can offer all 4 of our Rosary Musicals for sale in audio CD format.

Live Musicals

During our live productions, we bring the various mysteries of the Rosary to life with help of costumes, props, music, and lights.  Our hope is to spark the imagination of those praying the Rosary with us, and to deepen their reflection on the mysteries of the Rosary.  We do this in the midst of recitation of a Rosary with the group.

 We have been blessed to have many wonderful actors and singers join us for our Rosary Musicals. We have actors from the Buffalo area who join us, usually as families as we tour around Western NY in churches, schools and parish centers.  We have been blessed with the talents of Tim Noonan, Bob Fera, Maria Walker, Paul Updike and members of their families as well as many other wonderful Catholic families.   For a complete listing of all our current scheduled rosary musicals, click here.

DVD Video

With the help of videographer Rebecca Pawolski, we are very excited to present all four musicals in video format as well!  : JOY, LIGHT,  SORROW and GLORY in DVD.  

We plan to continue to help Catholics spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, through musical recordings, live musicals and DVDs.

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